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Kundadri is a hill situated near Agumbe, Shimoga district Karnataka. Kundadri hill is famous for itsJain temple of the 23rd Tirthankara, Sri Parshwanatha Theerthankara Basadi. It is 75 km from Udupi. The man behind this temple is a sage called Kunda Kunda Acharya. There is also a lake on the top of this rock, which never dries, no matter what the season is. Recently, last year. The committee members of the temple tried to drain all the water from this lake using a pump set, but even though they tried it for the entire day they couldn’t clear all the water from this pond. This is a true miracle mother nature.


Sri Parshwanatha Theerthankara Basadi

Kundadri is a huge monolithic rock formation and is about 3200 feet above from the sea level, which gives one a beautiful 180-degree view of lush green forest, hills, lake and vegetation surrounding the area. From Udupi, the nearest point is Agumbe, from where it’s approximately 14 kilometres. At Agumbe you need to go towards Thirthahalli and not Sringeri. Once you reach Guddekeri, from there you can ask for direction or continue little further, till you find an arch written Kunda kunda. Once you pass that arch you need to climb the hill by your vehicle or even trek.



A view of the beautiful Kundadri Hill


I started my ride to Kundadri on an early morning around five AM along with my two rider friends, who decided to join me. We left from Tiger circle Manipal to Agumbe at 5.30am. Took a small tea break at Agumbe and immediately went towards Kundadri as we had a deadline to meet. We wanted to see the sunrise from the top of the hill and didn’t want to miss it. We reached kundadri hilltop at 6.50am right on time to view the sunrise. It was a beautiful view. From that height, it looked like an ocean of fog, sometimes even like an ocean of milk, which is referred in mythology as Ksheera Sagara.



Ksheera Sagar (Ocean of Milk)
Ksheera Sagar (Ocean of Milk)


As the sun rose, the golden light showered by the sun changed the entire mood of the scenery, it was looking gorgeous. We stayed there for an hour, chatting and exploring the place. Taking a lot of pictures of the landscape and selfies. At eight am we left that place, returned to Hebri and had a heavy breakfast at Hotel Bhadkilaya and reached Udupi at


Bhadkilaya Hotel


The ride was short and sweet. We covered a total distance 150 kilometres, used 4 litres of petrol, and about 200 rupees for breakfast, but got a lifetime experience.

The Three Musketeers


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