Well. Let me introduce myself, I am a biker, I am crazy and recklessly in love with my bike and love travelling more than anything in this world. I love off-roading, for it’s a different ballgame, it’s for the sheer excitement, one gets out of it. On an off-road incline, my heart pumps faster than it should and I feel the Adrenaline rush gushing in my circulation. The sheer excitement we get by off-roading is unmatchable, unbeatable and unparalleled.
I love going on solo rides as well as with my band of brothers. By default and oblivious to me I realise on contemplation that I have been biking for almost more than 2 decades now.
But this year after getting into a serious relationship with my bike, it dawned upon me, the sanctity and solemnity of this and a question sprouted in my mind “why?”
Why do I Ride?
Why do We Ride?
Why am I doing this, when I know the danger involved in putting myself in harm’s way, in an arena decked up with Safety gears, harnessing Ancillary protective outfits and yet lurking in our minds is that one lurching moment of our loaded machine encountering a small pebble on the road while negotiating a downhill curve is a deadly thought that crosses our minds and yet we do it, we ride it, we embrace it, we adore it, we respect it, we just outright and I just downright Love it.
The hazards of motorcycling are conjuring our loved one’s with much more profound scenarios than the pebble encounter I portrayed as my peers are not into biking, hence the lack of knowledge superadded with a prolific imagination necessitates every biker to pull a few strings, to hit the right cords of a string while convincing them to let us Ride.
And yet I Ride!
And yet We Ride!
Keeping all this in mind there is an alternative of having hobbies which do not have the element of risk, but the problem is none of those can satisfy me as biking does, this is a serious problem, and the same question why?
Why do I Ride?
Why do We Ride?
This question keeps popping in my mind over and over again, I am on a quest for the answer, and I am in hot pursuit of it. I shall persuade and keep at it. Help my persuasion by your valuable comments and not just commendations.
Your input is of the utmost importance! If you feel while commenting (what everybody feels) that if your words are trivial, yet give it a trial because small things make a huge difference. What’s the use of a huge bath tub without the small plug in It.?
So, “Why do We Ride?”


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