Route: Mangalore -> Udupi -> Manipal -> Hebri -> Hiriadka -> Agumbe -> Varanga -> Karkala-> Moodbidri -> Mangalore

It all began with the initiation taken by Abhianna, without which this ride would not have come into existence, they say when something is done with a good intention everything aligns itself, that is what exactly happened here. Actually, we planned it as a Monsoon ride, nevertheless we didn’t know that August 6th was Friendship day. Destiny had planned a meet on this friendship day and we are indeed lucky we rode on that day whom we are all truly acknowledge as friends, also it was an opportunity to welcome three more riders to the fraternity of brotherhood, Dhinraj, Rohan and Dr Nithin.


After a quick briefing by Gavrav bhai, we left from Kadri park at 7.00am towards Udupi, rain gods were very humble on us, no rains till we reached Agumbe which was very surprising, however, there was slight drizzling near Uchila, but the weather was very pleasant for riding, traffic was less which made us ride with ease. We decided we will have a pit stop at Hotel Guruprasad at Shivpura near Hebri, we reached 8.45am finished our breakfast at 9.15, in between a surprise was waiting for us, Gavrav bhai bumped into an unknowingly paused and poised Nishanth at the crossroads ahead of Manipal, he without any hesitation agreed to join us for the ride!! Nishanth quickly rode home geared up and joined us at hotel Guruprasad and rode with us until Agumbe and returned back to attend his best friends wedding. we left towards Agumbe, it was a pleasant route, fresh air, cool breeze, a blanket of greenery welcoming on your left and right side, for a moment we forgot everything else and we were all tripping on this beauty.


As soon as we reached the sunset point a heavy rainfall welcomed us, trust me it was a proper welcome shower, even though we had our jackets and rainwear, it was nothing in front of Agumbe rainfall, and we still got drenched in that cold rain. We decided to stop for a while near the check post, and once the rain subsided we headed our journey towards “Doddamane”

“Doddamane” is an old house few centuries old, this house used to offer food and shelter to the travellers, as of now they don’t encourage doing this as the owner of the house Ms Kasturi is old and not in a condition to cook food for the fellow travellers, we saw the house took rest for few minutes chatting and discussing about the architecture of the house, and after a while we went towards Kundadri.


Kundadri hill which is famous tourist spot near Guddekeri, it is famous for the view of beautiful sunrise, which we dearly miss as we can only see the sunset from Mangalore and Udupi. On top of the hill from the Eastern side you can see the hills of Chikmagalur and on the west side you can see the Arabian Sea, it is elevated at the height of 826 m (2,710 ft). It was foggy could not see the surrounding, the whole surrounding was looking like a newly wedded bride covering her face with fog. Sometimes when there was heavy wind, as the fog moved further the beautiful landscape and its surrounding was visible for few seconds, we were all having a good time, this beautiful place made everyone’s mind calm and quiet, we all started enjoying the scenery, all got busy sharing jokes and taking selfies. After few minutes heavy rainfall started and we all had to take shelter in a shed nearby. Since it was already noon, we decided to head back towards Agumbe for lunch. After a cautious descent from the hills, we all came to Agumbe and had a delicious lunch at a hotel near the bus stand. There is very less option though, for vegetarians, there is an only one hotel near the bus stand and for non-vegetarians, there is one small shack, the shack also served Alchohol (abstinence from the same is what we believe in and we abstained) a true bikers code of ethics. After the lunch we decided to see Jogi Gundi water falls, which is situated on the way towards Sringeri, to our disappointment, it was closed, and the forest office has decided to close down all the waterfalls which come under the jurisdiction of the western ghat forest area during monsoon. Later we decided to go back and call it a day, we came down to Someshwara, and a sudden plan was made to go towards, Karkala, Moodbidri (Soans farm) and then Mangalore. I decided to head back Manipal and the rest went to a Basadhi and then Soans farm. Everyone enjoyed the Soans farm, I had visited that place a few years back, that’s why I skipped going that place. But the organic fruits and juice you get there are worth tasting.


It was a great ride, riding with friends after a long time, until we meet next time, Adios Amigos, ride safe, ride hard.




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